Sexy excerpt from "The Society of Sinners"

Brandon stood with his arms braced on either side of the bathroom door, and his forehead pressed against the cool wood. He could hear the water running. He could feel her emotions pouring through the door, and flowing over him in waves. He was holding on by a string, the way she watched him caused more than one hunger to rise up in him. She tried to pretend, she was trying to hide from him, but he could almost taste her lust and it fed his own. His fangs extended, and Brandon ran his tongue over them. Closing his eyes, he began sucking air in through his mouth trying to block out the smell. She opened the door running straight into a wall of his chest. His nerves, which were already stretched to their limit, snapped. In one quick motion, he shoved her against the wall, holding her hands above her head with his much larger ones. Her back was flush against him, with her ass pressing into his arousal. A growl sounded from deep in his throat before he could stop it.
“What do you think you’re doing Brandon?” her voice shook at his name, showing her weakness.
Didn’t she know not to ever show weakness to a predator? He used his free hand to brush down her body, his nostrils flaring as he inhaled her scent, his voice sounding harsh. “Tell me you’re not turned on right now, and I’ll walk away.”
“I’m not turned on.”
“Liar,” he hissed, and without warning, he pushed past her panties straight to her core, finding her wet, and proving her the liar he accused her of being.


  1. Charity you had me at the first line. wow it rocks. hello Brandon I need to meet him for sure. I love it. heart was palpitating babe.


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